IPTV Brands

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Cut the cord with IPTV and save money.  IPTV [Internet Protocol TV] provides a wide array of entertainment options at a much lower cost than traditional sources.  The Napster is committed to finding the best in quality, innovation, and technology in IPTV boxes, and the best in customer service.

The Napster Shop ships to you the same day, so you should have your order fast and Free [US and Puerto Rico].  If you are in Canada, please contact us at the address below. The Napster Shop also provides accessories that will enhance your IPTV experience. The Napster works closely helping you with support, should you have an issue with your receiver. As an Authorized Dealer, The Napster Shop gives you a warranty though the Manufacturer and guarantee that you will not get a clone. After your purchase The Napster continues with support. Join The Napster Forum if you have set up questions or questions on how to take advantages of features of your IPTV purchase.




AVOV Technology is an IPTV set top box manufacture. With manufacturing business in Honk Kong, R&D business in Korea and a two sales office’s in Canada & USA. They are known to provide an end-to-end IP-based networks (IPTV, VOD, OTT) solutions.  The AVOV IPTV Set top boxes, are android based.


The AVOV TVonline+ device comes in either a Red or Blue top color scheme and the ability to customize your device home screen wallpaper to your desire. The quad-core set-top box is designed for easy deployment of IP-based networks such as IPTV/OTT operators and content aggregators that provide services based on IPTV, OTT, VoD. The TVonline+ is a versatile STB with support from many different portals. Learn More




AVOV TVONLINE Version 2 lets the users enjoy the IPTV based networks with convenience, ease and simplicity. The device aims for simplicity in its roots creating an experience that the users would be able to enjoy without any hassle. The device is sleek and beautifully designed to integrate simplicity and quality in all of its operation. The users can enjoy all their desired content without any hidden or extra charges making it a must have device in their homes with an added feature of either Wireless or hard-wire connection. Learn More



Infomir is a group of companies that specializes in the development, design, production and maintenance of equipment and client support for IPTV, OTT and VoD services.  Informir has been around the longest making IPTV devices, they are linix based.  Currently the best on the market is the 254.  Learn More






Established in 2008, MiniX has since emerged as a global leader in the development of next generation computers, and is setting new standards in portable PCs & Media Hub technologies.  Learn More 


M1 Airmouse